Christmas in Kentucky wouldn't be complete without entertaining it with one of the state's greatest products...bourbon.

We all know that one thing Kentucky is known for is bourbon. Personally, I have developed a new love for bourbon. My favorite is Kentucky's number one bourbon, Jim Beam. More specifically, Jim Beam Vanilla. If you haven't tried that mixed with root beer or orange soda, you are missing out. Try it, you'll thank me later. Anyways...on the topic of bourbon. There is one bourbon-related Christmas attraction that you have to check out this holiday season in Kentucky.

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Smith's Grove, Kentucky is home to a massive (and I mean massive) Bourbon Barrel Christmas Tree. You might be curious as to what that is. Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. According to Edmonson County Tourism Commission:

Made of approx 450 used bourbon barrels, it stands at 47 feet tall and roughly 4,000 lights bedazzle the barrels! If you’re nostalgic about last year’s tree, the tip top barrel that the angel rests on is the original barrel from last year!

This thing is massive, and there's no way you can miss it even if you're not looking for it. The big lighting celebration of the Bourbon Barrell Christmas Tree takes place on Friday, November 19th at dusk. If you and your family are all about little road trips to get some holiday cheer, this is something you will definitely want to see in person, because I believe that the picture doesn't do it justice. Plus, it's absolutely free to see and take photos with.

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