And the award for best motivational sign goes to....


When I hear the word "marathon", all I can think is "exercise", "asthma attack", "Oh my god, I can't breathe..." and "I NEED WATER". Needless to say, running, especially for long distances, is NOT for me.

But a lot of people take training for marathons very seriously and stick to a routine and train. Good for them!

But that's usually the only thing you see on your Facebook feeds. The good stuff. The "Whoo! Just ran X amount of miles training today!" Or "Look at this healthy meal I made to get fit for the marathon!"

People don't like to post the nitty gritty of marathons, which is that you are so full of adrenaline and determination that nothing will stop you. You fall and get a bloody knee? No time to clean that blood up! You just get back up and get running like a speeding zombie.

When my mom ran her first marathon she actually had a slight stress fracture in one of her lower vertebrae that was pinching a nerve in her back causing it to send shooting pain down her mile 2 of 26.2. She was so determined to finish that she was convinced she had just tweeked her ankle or something and FINISHED THE MARATHON WITH A BROKEN BACK.

Chaffed nipples are a thing too. All that running causes your shirt to bounce up and down on your chest, and for men that can cause chaffed and/or bloody nips. So it's not uncommon to see someone putting tape over their nips before a marathon.

Throwing up after a marathon isn't that uncommon either.

But the most unfortunate thing to ever happen at marathons, (and there's always one person), is the pooper. There are no bathroom breaks during marathons, and sometimes a runner, unfortunately gets the runs....and just keeps running.

It's nasty, it's ugly, and it's embarrassing. But sh*t happens.

Which is why THIS little guy gets my vote for "best marathon sign".


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