Its Saturday morning and you make be waking up and realizing you need to deny your Friday night activities.

Just like I will totally deny that I spent Friday night at home watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon on Netflix.

The kid in this video is going to keep on denying that he ate that cupcake, although the evidence is right there. It would take Olivia Benson less than a second to solve this case, with a quick "dun-dun" at the end.

You have to admire the fact that he is sticking to his story. Sort of like when Benson and Stabler are grilling a suspect and he is totally denying it. Right until Ice T bursts in to the room with some sort of "M. Knight Shyamalan" twist, and ends the scene with a "That's messed up."

Just like I realized I watch way too much Law and Order: SVU. Wow. Enjoy the video of this kid and his cupcake denial.