Halloween and puns are two of my favorite things, so when I saw this clever mashup of the two I had to share!

I'm in several Halloween inspired groups on Facebook, and the creativity of people never fails to blow me away. The other day in Halloween DIY Projects a post by Gary Campbell caught my eye, his very own Grave Grohl.

I think we all can agree the Dave Grohl is a national treasure, he seems like one of the most down to earth rockers, and never fails to make us laugh.  So I think he of anyone would appreciate Grave Grohl.  Gary has his own Youtube Channel, Haunted Workshop even made a "punny" cover song to show off his work 'At Rest in my Tomb."  Check out the video below of Grave Grohl in action, and below it is a video of how Gary made Grave Grohl in case you want your own rockstar Halloween decoration.

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