Tweetsie Railroad is located in North Carolina, so it's a bit of a drive from the Tri-State, but if you want the ultimate Halloween vacation destination, this looks like it would be it! Tweetsie Railroad hosts a ghost train that runs from the last weekend in September, and each weekend through Halloween.  Their Halloween event not only has the ghost train, there's several haunted attractions you can visit, and even a creepy carnival.

Tweetsie Railroad transforms from the Wild West into a haunted park with Halloween thrills and chills for all ages. The highlight of each evening is a nighttime ride on the Ghost Train, other spooky attractions include the Haunted House and the Freaky Forest. Younger ghouls will enjoy dressing up in their Halloween costume, trick-or-treating on Main Street, watching the Black Light Puppet Show and taking in the amusement rides in the Creepy Carnival.

Their ghost train is said to be run by conductor Casey Bones and there's ghouls and unexpected surprises around every corner.  This looks to be more than just a few rides, with some haunted house actors popping out. This looks to be a full on Halloween experience.  If you're interested in learning more, here's the Tweetsie Railroad website.

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