This commercial aired only once, but that was all it took to make a crowded room go silent.


We all can remember exactly where we were on 9/11 and when we got the news of the terrorist attacks on American soil.  On that day America was forever changed.

I remember back in college I had an advertising teacher that told us about this Budweiser commercial, to this day when I see this it gives me chills. Now this commercial only aired once and it was at Superbowl 2002, the Superbowl that followed 9/11/2001.  It was powerful enough to make crowded rooms go silent.

Almost 18 years later, people are still talking about this commercial.

In 2011 Budweiser aired the commercial once again, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary. I think few tributes can say so much, and have no words spoken.