Just don't...

When it comes to Evansville natives, here's a list of things you just shouldn't ask:

Are Grippos BBQ chips?
There is no comparison to Grippos. None.

What's a "Schnucks?"
It's a place where you can get an outfit and your dinner. It's the best of both worlds.

What does Ski taste like?
Heaven...but in a canned/bottled/fountain form (fountain the best though).

Why do they call it the "Money-Savin' Bridge?"
Just drive over it and find out.

Is the Lloyd Expressway named after the Mayor?
Just....no, no it's not.

What's a Donut Bank?
It's like a bank, but all the currency is in the form of tasty treats. I'm kidding. It's a donut shop.

Aren't Pizza King and Turnoi's basically the same thing?

How do you get to 'Bow-key' Avenue?
It's pronounced Bay-key.

What's the Fall Festival?
It's only the biggest event of the year...no big deal.

Isn't Evansville basically Kentucky?
Not that there's anything wrong with Kentucky...but Evansville is in Indiana. We might be close, but we're not conjoined.

Why don't we just take 41?
Oh, because it's the worst highway in the history of highways. I'd also like to keep the suspension on my car intact.

What do you guys do for fun around here?
We bar-hop, go out to eat, and have bonfires. If you don't like, bye.

Why do you guys have so much meth here?
We know we have this reputation, but you should read up on how much we've combated this epidemic!

What does "GRR" stand for?
Green River Road.

What about "BNH?"
Boonville-New Harmony. You see what we've done here? We've abbreviated ridiculously long road names.




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