What are people searching online about Indiana? Well, new data shows the most popular searches about the state and most of them have to do with a movie.

There are a lot of reasons one may get onto Google and search about Indiana. A few examples might include things to do in Indiana, fun facts about Indiana, where certain things are in Indiana...you get the point. However, according to new data, what people are searching for about Indiana might not be what you'd expect.

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Most Popular Searches About Indiana

Answer the Public, a company specializing in helping businesses create content around trending topics recently released some data about what people are searching the internet about Indiana. The company used autocomplete data pulled from Google and other search engines and has determined some of the most popular search queries about Indiana as of March 24, 2023. Spoiler Alert: a lot of these have to do with the Indiana Jones movies.

The website breaks these searches down into a few different categories: Indiana Questions, Indiana Prepositions, Indiana Comparisons, and A-Z Indiana searches. For length's sake, I won't share with you ALL of those results because it's a lot. So, I'll show you the most searched Indiana questions, according to Answer the Public.


  • Are Indiana and Zach dating
  • Are Indiana guitars good?
  • Are Indiana bats endangered?
  • Are Indiana Jones movies on Disney plus?
  • Are Indiana and Kentucky reciprocal states?
  • Are Indiana and Zach siblings
  • Are Indiana Pacers good?
New Orleans Pelicans v Indiana Pacers
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  • Can Indiana Jones die?
  • Can Indiana win March Madness?
  • Can Indiana have earthquakes?
  • Can Indiana beat Kent State?
  • Can Indiana beat Purdue?
  • Can Indiana win the NCAA Tournament?
  • Can Indiana Jones live forever?
  • Can Indiana make the Final Four?
Big Ten Tournament Quarterfinals: Illinois v Indiana
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  • How Indiana got its name?
  • How Indiana became a state?
  • How’s Indiana weather?
  • How Indiana County taxes work


  • What Indiana Jones movie is first?
  • What Indiana Jones movie was filmed in Petra
  • What Indiana known for
  • What Indiana county is 49
  • What Indiana Jones movie is the best
  • What Indiana Jones movie was Sean Connery in
  • What Indiana Jones movie has the boulder
  • What Indiana county is 29


  • When Indiana Jones 5
  • When Indiana became a state


  • Where Indiana University
  • Where Indiana located
  • Where Indiana Jones Last Crusade filmed
  • Where Indiana refund
  • Where Indiana Jones reunites with Marion crossword
  • Where’s Indiana on the map
  • Where’s Indiana beach


  • Who Indiana Jones
  • Indiana who’s on my ballot
  • Indiana who is my state representative
  • Who’s Indianapolis Colts quarterback
  • Indiana who to vote for
  • Indiana who is on the ballot
  • Who’s Indianapolis quarterback
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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(In case you didn't know, the Colts just added quarterback Gardner Minshew to their lineup)


  • Why Indiana lyrics
  • Why Indiana Jones
  • Why Indiana called Hoosiers
  • Why Indiana University
  • Why Indiana Hoosiers
Kent State v Indiana X Fans
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  • Will Indiana Jones 5 be good
  • Will Indiana Jones die
  • Will Indiana make the NCAA Tournament
  • Will Indiana Jones 5 be the last
  • Will Indiana Jones be on Disney plus
  • Will Indiana Jones live forever
  • Will Indiana legalize weed in 2023
  • Will Indiana change time in 2023

See, as I said...a lot of Indiana Jones questions here. This makes sense because the state's name is in the title of those movies.

If you want to take a look at all of the data, you can see other Indiana searches in terms of Indiana Prepositions, Indiana Comparisons, and A-Z Indiana by clicking here. Perhaps you Googled some of them a time or two yourself. Most likely, you will find some interesting topics too!

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