It's the International Day of Happiness, so I thought I'd share some things that make me happy...In our offices.

Finding things that make you happy in the world is awesome. But I think it's important to find things that make you happy in the workplace as well, or you're going to go crazy. You have to have at least ONE thing that makes you go "Well, this job isn't THAT bad..."

Luckily, my job is pretty cool. And so are our offices. So let me share with you the things that make me happy every day.


1. Random food.

Sometimes random food shows up. Today? It was a bucket of Ding Dongs.

Chynna Hall

(Thank you, Ding Dong fairy...)


2. Kurt Cobain

Chynna Hall

He sits on my desk and gives me motivation. And looks good doing it.


3. The view. 

We have TWO views! One is near where our desks are.

Chynna Hall

And the other is in our studio.

Since we don't have windows in our studio (because we're mole people), we have two large tvs that broadcast a live feed from the 5/3rd building camera on the roof that's pointed toward the river.

Chynna Hall


It's beaut.


4. The Air Hockey Table

Chynna Hall

Fun Fact: We have an air hockey tournament once a year.


5. Unicorns.

We kind of have an obsession with unicorns.

Chynna Hall

No, really...

Chynna Hall


Chynna Hall

We LOVE unicorns.


So those are a few of my favorite things around the office.

And feel free to tell us what makes YOU happy at work. (I know, it might take a hot second of thinking. But you know there's SOMETHING...)