The Evil Dead is a cult classic horror film, and now it has been reimagined as a musical.

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The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead was released on October 15, 1981. Since its release 41 years ago, The Evil Dead has turned into a hugely popular cult classic.  Just last fall some friends and I went to the drive-in to see a special The Evil Dead double feature where we watched The Evil Dead 1 & 2.   The movie has stayed tremendously popular in the horror genre over the years.

The Evil Dead ended up turning into an entire franchise after its release, spawning sequels, a reboot, a TV series Ash Vs Evil Dead, video games, comic books, and more.  So it's safe to say The Evil Dead is a cultural phenomenon that's rightfully earned its place in cinematic history. Now you can see The Evil Dead like never before as it has been turned into a musical.


Evil Dead the Musical Coming to Illinois

Musical meets horror when Evil Dead the Musical hits the stage, and I am HERE for it. The Jackson County Stage Company and Chaotic Order Productions are teaming up to bring this event to Carbondale, Illinois.


Here is what StageCo Carbondale has to say about Evil Dead the Musical:

The Jackson County Stage Company and Chaotic Order Productions present "Evil Dead: The Musical"!
This production follows five college students as they spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil terror. In this comedic take on the 1980s cult horror franchise, characters and demons sing and dance to songs written specifically for the musical. The musical takes creative liberty with the plot line of the movies, mixing together the characters and concepts of all three, as well as changing sequences for the sake of the stage and comedic intent.
Evil Dead the Musical will hit the stage on October 7th, 8th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th.  There are two options when it comes to seating, you can sit in the "Splash Zone" or regular seats.  However, if you decide to sit in the Splash Zone you will get wet and have to sign a waiver.  You can purchase your standard tickets here, and if you want ot brave the Splash Zone you can purchase those tickets here.

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