Would you stay the night in an old jail cell?


I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a friend of mine share a video about the Old Jail Inn.  It's located in Rockville Indiana, about a 2.5 hour drive from Evansville. It's  a hotel that used to be the Parke County Sheriffs Office & Jail that ran from 1879-1998.  What intrigued me most when I saw this place wasn't that the building had a cool history, it's the fact that the actual hotel was built into the jail and the rooms are actual cells.

I enjoy travelling and some of my favorite memories are staying in quirky places (I mean I've even stayed at a hostel in Alaska).  However I think an old jail cell tops the list of most quirky places I've seen.  I mean the doors of the "rooms" are the actual barred cell doors.  While I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to stay in a jail cell for a night, there's a wine bar in the bottom of the Inn where the old drunk tank used to be, and I could definitely see myself hitting that up.



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