There is yet another shortage that we could be facing this July.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many shortages in the supply and demand chain. It started with toilet paper, then there was meat, ketchup, and soft drink shortages. Now, everyone is talking about a gasoline shortage. It seems like one shortage after another. The shortages don't stop there though. Recently, Chick-Fil-A announced that they are facing a sauce shortage. Now, there is one more shortage we could add to that list. Fireworks.

According to a few reports, you could have a hard time finding fireworks this year for your Fourth of July Celebration. That's because there could be a fireworks shortage as a result of the pandemic. It's like the pandemic that never ends. There's always some negative outcome that pops up even as vaccines are being administered and things are getting back to normal.

Why could there be a fireworks shortage?

It's another classic case of supply and demand, really. Essentially, supplies in fireworks warehouses are pretty low at the moment. That is because the demand was at an all-time high last year, as people bought more of them for backyard celebrations.

According to Fox 2 Now, there are a few more issues at hand here. Somehow there have been shipping issues with fireworks this year and production costs in Asia have "skyrocketed".

Buy them while you can.

Sure, you can go to Walmart or other fireworks stands and see fireworks being sold, but some places aren't getting shipments like they were in years past. That means that there could be a likelihood of those stands running out of inventory before the Fourth of July weekend. So if you're a last-minute fireworks shopper, I'd probably get your supply a little earlier this year.

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Expect to pay more.

Anytime supply doesn't meet demand, there's the possibility that prices increase on products. That's likely to be the case with fireworks this year. Fox 2 Now says that we could expect to pay up to 30% more on fireworks this year. YIKES!

Granted, we here in the Evansville area may not see that much of a price increase, it's still likely that some shops in the area experience a shortage in inventory unless something changes in the meantime.

(H/T- Fox 2 Now)

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