Most of us, myself included, have called Evansville, Indiana home our entire lives. Even though my current home sits in Newburgh, if someone asks where I live or where I'm from, I'll say Evansville. Maybe it's force of habit, I did spend the first 41 years of my life there, or maybe it's because it will always be home no matter where I live. Whatever the reason, we're not the only ones who can say we're from Evansville. Sixteen other states across the U.S., plus Canada have Evansville's in them too.

If I may toot our own horn before we dig in, our Evansville is by far the largest of them all. As of 2018, 117,953 of us live within the city limits (181,451 total live in all of Vanderburgh County). Go us! The city was originally named McGary's Landing by a man named Hugh McGary after he bought the land in 1812. In 1814, he changed it in honor one one of his cohorts and Colonel in the War of 1812, Bob Evans in hopes that it would draw more people to the area.

Here's how the rest compare.

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