There are plenty of conspiracy theories floating around when it comes to video games and the team at Arcade Sushi are analyzing some of the bigger conspiracy theories, while getting a little help from Theory of a Deadman.

In the video above, you can watch as the guys dissect such ideas as Squall is dead, and that Saddam Hussein had PS2s hidden amongst his riches. But the one theory that the Theory of a Deadman guys is that Pokemon conspired to make children want to commit murder.

Syndication Station's Mike Sadorf poses the question about Pokemon's Lavender Town to which the Theory of a Deadman guys provide an elaborate answer to a simple conclusion. Watch the above clip to see the answer.

And to check out more of Theory of a Deadman, be sure to pick up their 'Savages' album, currently available at this location.

Theory of a Deadman Talk 'Savages' Album


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