You're probably like me, and try to avoid public transportation at all costs. Sure it makes Al Gore weep a bit, but I think it lacks a sort of class. While buses in LA have TV's that give you news and weather, the buses in Evansville only provide you with old lady gossip and possibly an infection.

Hoping to fill in that classy void is the emerging trend of Subway Pole dancing. Don't ask why the video I selected shows a lot of dudity, just know it was the only one I could find permission to use. People are sort of asses when it comes to sharing their pole dancing skills on the interweb.

Scores of people are taking to the trains in New York to show off skills that should really remain at home, or available for a fee. The video posted below is apparently part of a shoot for a Girl Talk video. Which I thought was some game from the 80s.

If you so feel the urge, or know an attractive female that does. Subway pole dancing could just be the sort of thing they are looking for. Start collecting tips, and you just might have yourself a career. And if you find that subway in Evansville, let me know. I've been looking for that damn thing for years.

And to make up for the dudity: