A Wisconsin woman is out $1800, after a night of drinking leads to an encounter with her ex-boyfriend and his swim suit regions.

Troy Trzeciak made the horrible decision to give his ex-girlfriend, Pamela Hammersley, a ride home. Hammersley was extremely intoxicated after a night of drinking at Saucy Sports Bar.

Drunk girlfriend needs a ride home? I think we all know what Troy was up to, at least that is what Hammersley thought. But when she made advances, by reaching for his zipper, he resisted.

That's when she decided to go 'downtown'. However Troy stopped her because "because there were people around and it was not the right time.” According to the police report that is when Hammersley became violent.

She made an attempt to bite 'little Troy' and that almost caused him to wreck in to a parked car and tree. In her defense, Hammersley said that she and Troy 'practiced dominatrix' during their two year relationship.

She also claimed that Troy sent mixed signals by sending her texts that said 'be ready', but Troy says those texts were sent 8 hours in advance.

Hammersley was sentenced to 30 days work release, charged $300 in court costs, and had to pay Troy $1500 to fix a transmission that she broke when she hit the shifter during the altercation.

Next time the drunk dominatrix ex texts or calls, just ignore it.