We are just a few weeks away from the season premiere of Fear The Walking dead, which chronicles the breakdown of society under a zombie epidemic. With all this talk of the apocalypse, you have to wonder if there are plans in place for the end of civilization. Well look no further than CNN.

What started out as a rumor turned into fact last year, when a former CNN intern leaked what is known as the "Turner Doomsday Video". According to an article at Jalponik, the video (which was filmed in the early 1980s) existed in the CNN archives in the event that human civilization was coming to an end.

A note on the archive said that the video is "Held for release until the end of the world is confirmed." I'm not sure who you check with to make sure the world is coming to end, but they must have one hell of a cell phone provider.

The video is simple and almost reminiscent of a time when TV stations went off-air over night and played the National Anthem before signing off (which seems much better than those awful infomercials they play now).

It should be noted that the song played in the video is "Nearer, My God, To Thee" which is the last song that the band on board the Titantic played before the ship sank.

Check out the video and just be happy you got to see it while internet surfing, and not when the world was ending.

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