Have you ever been bored at work? Did you do some of these things just to avoid working?

Apparently this time of year is the most common time for employees to slack off on the job. I mean think about it. It's the holiday season, the end of the year, people are burning up vacation time, and those who are left at work feel like they are practically alone there. It makes it a little easier to slack off, right?

According to a new survey, the average person spends 50 minutes a day slacking off at work. By now, you probably have a co-worker or two in mind that does just that...maybe you are guilty of it too!

This study says that 42% of people said they slack off at work because their job is too easy, and 34% said they just get bored. Does that sound right to you? Well if you are one of those "slackers" maybe you have spent some time during the work day doing these things. If you aren't a slacker...take notes on how you can be a little less productive at work!

Here are the 10 most common things people do to slack off at work:


1.  Browsing the Internet.

2.  Checking personal emails.

3.  Texting.

4.  Spending time on social media.

5.  Leaving your desk to just walk around for a while.

6.  Online shopping.

7.  Dealing with errands, like paying bills online.

8.  Eating lunch at your desk. (Although, I don't consider this slacking off if you are multitasking)

9.  Daydreaming while you just stare blankly at your computer screen.

10. Unnecessary bathroom breaks.

Am I guilty of more than one of these things? I plead the 5th...

What about you? How many of these things do you do during the work day to avoid working? Especially this time of year?

(Source: SWNS Digital)

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