Its simple, I have a love/hate relationship with Vectren. In case you are from points south or west, Vectren is the energy provider for Evansville. I love Vectren when they provide power to my home, but hate the fact they have to bill me for it. And now, they're adding services I'm not sure I need.

On the Vectren homepage, they have added a feature to track outages. If you want to see how many people in a certain area don't have power, you can click on a link and the info in is in your hands.

So here is my question. How is this feature useful? Can you gloat about the electricity you have, when others don't? Is this for bragging rights?

What about keeping track on how many people in my neighborhood don't have power? How am I supposed to access this site when my computer cannot work without electricity?

I'm sure the person who bathes themselves in the cash I spend on my electric bill thought this was a good idea, but I'm thinking its really not needed. You could argue that this information can be accessed through a smartphone, but cell phone sites can also be affected by power outages.

While I understand the merits of this Outage Center, I think it is totally pointless. Sort of like .

Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe this can be useful. So prove me wrong in the comments below! In the meantime check out what this 'outage center' is all about thanks to Local 7.