Another battle rages on in The Rocktagon brought to you by Moore Music!! .Listen to these songs, and vote for the song you like best. It's XFactor1 vs Jonah33

Listen to both songs, and then vote often for the song you like best. The deadline to vote is Friday, 5 p.m. central. Remember, your votes determine the winner. The winning band who stays in the Rocktagon will be announced Friday night at 6, and then we'll find out who the next challenger will be.


XFactor1 - "I Blame You"

XF1 literally exploded onto the Ohio music scene in 2006. Through relentless drive and determination, XF1 has succeeded in being a top midwest region band that has toured nationally with many top name acts. Keep up with XFactor1 on their Facebook page here.



Jonah33 - "Blood Is Thicker"

Jonah33’s new EP offers the “in your face with truth” vibe that the bands’ other releases had given, but with a bit more of a personal edge this time. With tracks like “Blood is Thicker”, and “Everybody Knows”, this EP is certain to deliver the sound that caused people to become fans of Jonah33 from the get go. Check out the band on Facebook here.  



Cast your vote below. The voting deadline is Friday at 5 p.m. CST.