Frank Castle is a man on a mission, with a kick ass soundtrack.

If Metallica is going to be the sole soundtrack to this series, I would be one happy camper. I only say that because the last two trailers that have come out for the Punisher have used Metallica songs and they fit PERFECTLY into the story.

If you've noticed at the end of all the trailers so far, they never gave an official release date. It always looked like there was a date, but that an intentional glitch was blurring it out. The trailer in September merely told us that we'd see the show some time in 2017.

The trailer released today, however, gave a full release date. And it looks like Christmas is coming early for Punisher fans.

It also looks like instead of starting The Punisher with it's typical "my family is dead and I want revenge" storyline, we're getting a full Frank Castle backstory including his time in the military.

I am SO ready for November 17th.


"The world needs to see the truth..."


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