The Prodigy are moving forward with new music after the death of singer Keith Flint in 2019. A new Twitter posting from the band offers fans their first taste of new music since Flint's passing.

Fitting very much within what we've come to expect over the years from the electronic rock outfit, the snippet is fully fuzzed out and aggressive, accentuated by heavy beats. Video accompanies the music, shifting from the volume nobs to a speaker where beaded artistic renderings of the two musicians stand in front of the thumping speaker clearly moved by the beat.

"New Prodigy studio session beats are rollin," wrote the group with the hashtags #theprodigy #keepitraw #weliveforthebeats.

It was revealed last September that the band was returning to the studio to work on new music. This came following a 2019 stint in the studio as well. Former Prodigy dancer Leeroy Thornhill also addressed the band's status during a May 2020 interview with Paul Danan on The Morning After podcast in which he stated that he had remained in contact with the group and that it was multi-instrumentalist Liam Howlett's desire to finish the record they were working on at the time of Flint's death.

This will mark the band's first release since 2018's No Tourists album.

Flint, who fronted the group through their hugest successes including the 1997 breakout Fat of the Land, took his own life on March 4, 2019.

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