The Pretty Reckless have just released a cinematic new music video for the song "Only Love Can Save Me Now," which features Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, from their new album Death By Rock and Roll.

Frontwoman Taylor Momsen, guitarist Ben Phillips and bassist Mark Damon all star in the video, along with Thayil and Cameron. The musicians are seen performing the song against a blue background with the ocean rolling, rain pouring and lightning striking behind them.

Watch the video below.

Soundgarden are one of Momsen's biggest influences, and she explained how Cameron and Thayil ended up playing on the track during an episode of Spotify's Rock This With Allison Hagendorf

"When I wrote it, I called Matt and I called Kim and I sent them the demo and I went, 'Guys — would you guys be interested in playing on this? Because if you don't, it's just gonna sound like we're ripping you guys off,'" she laughed. "It has this very kind of Soundgarden-esque feel to it, and I really wanted their voice to be a part of it. Because it just wouldn't be the same without 'em, and man, was I correct."

The Pretty Reckless were on tour with Soundgarden in the spring of 2017 when frontman Chris Cornell tragically died. Momsen and the band were absolutely devastated by the news, and it sent the singer into the beginnings of the downward spiral that would eventually inspire Death By Rock and Roll.

"I think that music has such a power to it that even if you don't know someone extraordinarily well personally, when you've related to their music and you've listened to those records throughout your whole life ad nauseam, it feels like a part of you," she told us about Cornell's passing. "So I feel like losing someone like that... you feel like you're losing a piece of yourself, in a way."

The Pretty Reckless, 'Only Love Can Save Me Now' Music Video

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