I am proud to present another installment of The Underbelly of Evansville. Thus far, the series has featured local, horrible crimes of the City's past. This time, we shift gears to the legend of "The Blue House." There has been a presence of the occult in Evansville for many years and even today as evident by this event page. The term "occult" is described as "supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena."

When you hear the word "occult," you might think of practices such as Wicca. Others believe "occult" practices solely consist of summoning demons or spirits.

Though true definition is murky, one branch of the occult is something probably never thought would thrive in Evansville, IN - Satanism. Satanism's primary belief that Satan is the deity or force to revere or worship..That's where our story of the "Blue House" begins...

In 1990, rumors were flying around the area that a school administrator would take children out of school and deliver them to a blue house on what was later identified as being on Franklin St., where they were allegedly victims if Satanic ritual and sexual abuse.  While the children`s enraged parents believe them, a a once-skeptical local psychologist also thinks they are telling the truth. It was during this time that Evansville was labeled "The Devil's Playground" by A Current Affair.

The thing is, in order to further the investigation and move towards arrest and prosecution, there had to be credible witnesses. The prosecutor at the time, Stan Levco, had over 150 potential witnesses interviewed but could find nothing that would urge him to develop a case to prosecute.`


Pentagram Bikini

Obviously, it would have taken a massive cover-up to pull this off, so law enforcement wrote it off and that was basically the end of the story of "The Blue House."  The case however received nationwide attention, as most negatives do, and there are still citizens in the area who feel strongly that these stories were based on actual events. Thus far, no one has confirmed their beliefs, or proven otherwise despite the fact that the whole story shook residents of the fair city.



Nine children told stories of "The Blue House" and drew pictures of odd and evil things that took place while they were confined inside. It was alleged that each child's school principal took them out of class an took them to this "Den of Sin."

There's even more to this mystery that you can check out by watching this You Tube video by local religious leader Rick Donninger.