The Matrix Resurrections trailer has plunged us back into the creepy, thrilling, beautiful, terrifying world of the Matrix. Why is Keanu Reeves’ Neo back inside the Matrix? Why doesn’t Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity recognize him? Is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II playing the young Morpheus? A reincarnated Morpheus? Why are Neil Patrick Harris’ glasses blue? How do we get a coffee at Simulatte? We have so many freaking questions!!!

And that means we have a lot of theories. In our new Matrix video, we break down the amazing Matrix Resurrections trailer to find all the clues, spoilers, and possible teases that it contains. Did you spot the callback to the leader of the machines that Neo encountered in The Matrix Revolutions? We did. How about that black cat? He’s in there. (Deja vu!) Keeping track of all the red and blue shots in the trailer that mirror the choice of red and blue pills? Check them out, and lots more, below. We won’t even make you take a red pill to watch...

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