After getting back in the studio after a weekend of camping, I felt like I punched my man card for the week. However, once I log on to the internet I suddenly realize my weekend was pretty much watching-"The View"-while-pinning-wedding-crap-on-pinterest compared to what the following men accomplished.

  • YouTube

    Weatherman Watches Large Weather Front

    Imagine trying to point to stuff that doesn't exist. It also doesn't help you plan where you should stand in front of the screen. One weatherman didn't realize how 'excited' he was getting about Tropical Storm John, but he could have been an unintentional "Extenze" commercial.

  • renaissancechambara / Flickr
    renaissancechambara / Flickr

    German Teen Steals Mom's Jewelry; Sells It For A Trip To A Brothel

    Oh those kids today with their Facebook, Twitter, and texting. Now they're stealing mom's jewelry to pay for some nookie. Oh maybe he made the same mistake my Facebook friend did and confused brothel and hostel. If that was the case, he had the best stay at a hostel ever.

  • Cockenblog

    Bill Murray Shows Up To Play Kickball

    He conducted the bands at the Harvard-Cornell game last year. He's a regular source of entertainment at Chicago Cubs games. So it totally makes sense that Bill Murray randomly appears at a Brooklyn Park ready to play kickball. College Humor employee Marina Cockenberg posted it on her blog with the caption, “My friend just had Bill Murray crash his kickball league.”

  • ecksunderscore / Flickr
    ecksunderscore / Flickr

    13 Year Old Walks Through Canadian Snowstorm To Help Classmates

    Okay lets be clear, what the tri-states gets in the winter barely qualifies it as snowfall. Compared to the storms they get in Canada, we might as well be in Mexico. 13 Year Old braved a Manitoba snow storm to help his classmates who were stranded on a bus. And you whine about having to chip ice off your window in 20 degree temperatures.

  • 1

    Felix Baumgartner Jumps From The Edge Of Space

    There is sad commentary to be said when an energy drink has a better space program than your entire nation. But Red Bull sponsored a trip that sent Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space. Once his capsule hit 23 miles high, he jumped. He broke the speed barrier by 1 and a quarter ( Mach 1.24) WITH HIS OWN BODY. You went zip lining? THIS DUDE JUMPED FROM SPACE!

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