Check out who was voted Most Likely To Succeed (In Killing).


Best Baby-Sitter: Annie Wilkes

She doesn't tolerate profanity, she's a mean cook, she'll take care of you if you get injured, and she's very supportive of your work. In fact, I'd say she's your number one fan...


The (After) Life of the Party: Beetlejuice


Best Camp Counselor: Jason Voorhees

He doesn't like it when you're out after curfew. Or when you go swimming without a buddy.


Best Smile: Pennywise


Most Likely to Succeed (In Killing): Freddy Krueger

I guess you could say he's the man of your dreams...


Cutest Couple: Chucky & Tiffany

(NSFW; language)


Prom Queen: Carrie White

If only her mother were there to see it...


Best Dynamic Duo (Best Siblings): Michael Myers & Laurie Strode

The family that slays together, stays together.


Class Clown: Jigsaw

Oh Jigsaw, you prankster.



Who do you think should go somewhere in the Halloween High Yearbook?



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