Thank you for being a friend...The Golden Girls is my guilty pleasure show. I don't care what age, gender, race, or economic background you are, EVERYONE likes the Golden Girls. Most of you just don't want to admit it, or you haven't had the opportunity to watch these sassy ladies change your life yet.

The Golden Girls was (and IS) such a progressive show. Especially for the 1980's. They got away with a lot of stuff that was kind of taboo to talk about on tv then, but since these girls were "golden" that made it okay for them to say. I mean, who's going to take anything these funny gals say seriously, right? Jokes on you, tv producers. This show opened our eyes to a lot of things that are STILL problems we talk about today. They delve into topics like condoms and safe sex, and how it's important at any age. They talked about cross-dressinggay marriage, and they talked about how HIV/AIDS isn't just a "gay disease" (IN THE '80s THEY SAID THIS!) They also didn't shy away from things that actually affect those in the elderly community like Alzheimer's. I mean most of the episodes are feel good giggles but some of them just unexpectedly hit home. (That episode where tiny Mario Lopez get's deported gets me every time...)

I guess what I'm trying to say is...Thank you for being a friend, girls.

Fun Fact: The Golden Girls is on the Hallmark channel from 10p-midnight every weeknight. And I have trouble sleeping, so I just watch the Golden Girls until I feel tired enough to finally go to bed. So I guess I'm one of those women that watches the Hallmark channel now...

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