Lets chalk it up to being too young to understand kick ass action movies, but I seemed to have missed out on most of the Die Hard series. Playing catch up sucks, but thanks to the guys of Guyz Nite I can catch up on the first three movies in less than 4 minutes.

Before the premiere of Live Free or Die Hard, the band came out with a song that summed up the trilogy perfectly. They have since added a fourth verse, but the last Die Hard sucked. It was rated PG, which caused them to omit John McClane's famous catch phrase.

Live Free or Die Hard also included Justin Long, which most of America is trying to figure out why Hollywood thinks he's so great. The guy did the Mac Commercials, whoopity-doo. I ran in to Justin at Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica and it took every ounce of my being to keep from punching the smug 'hipster' look off his face. But that's my rant.

Here's the song, in all its Justin Long Free greatness. Enjoy!

(Due to language this may offend those who enjoy PG movies.)