Just to be nice (and not be all spoilerish) I will give you the setup to the scene after the jump

Alright, now then...evidently there is a scene in the new 'The Dark Knight Rises' that involves a Gotham Rogues football game.  At some point, there is a big 'splosion and stuff and the crowd is supposed to be aghast at what they see.

Then again, my Bengals play there once a year so the natives are used to seeing horrific things occur on the field.  F-you Steeler fans, I beat ya to the punch.  Also, you get to hear Bane's voice (the main villain) for the first time in this clip.

That had to be on every Batman fanboy's wishlist.  Christmas done come early!

*improper grammar used for any Steeler fans reading this*

The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters next Summer (2012)

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