Did you know that Indiana (supposedly) has it's very own bigfoot?

We all know about the legends and tales of Sasquatch and Bigfoot. But did you know that Indiana has it's very own legend about an ape-like monster in the forest?

Compared to most urban legends, the Crosley Monster is a fairly recent one, with the first siting being only 12 years ago.

In July 2006, 4 boys were camping in Jennings Co. Indiana (about an hour north of Louisville) when they saw two glowing red eyes, about 8 feet off the ground, watching them fish. Once they shined their light on the eyes, they fled in fear, as the creature became angry. They described the monster as covered in matted dirty hair, from head to toe, with bright yellow teeth. What differs from most sasquatch stories is that, when they first saw the creature it was standing up right, but when it went to chase them, it ran on all fours. The boys managed to get away as the monster ran into a field.

A few weeks later the Crosley Monster was seen again by a boy squirrel hunting. He said that the creature circled him, and threw leaves, as if playing.

Other than these accounts, not many people have heard much about the Crosley Monster since. Has it moved on? Or does it still live in the woods of Jennings County?

(Source: the13thfloor.tv)

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