Because SOMEONE backed out...

Yesterday morning, the Colts announced that the Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, would be the new Colts head coach.

To which all Colts fans replied, "Uh, why?"

As we all know, the Patriots are the #1 enemy of the Colts. But we have had success with Patriots players coming over from the dark side and joining the Colts resistance (keep up the good work, Vinatieri).

So there were some mixed reviews about this announcement.

However, 12 hours later, there was a new announcement. That McDaniels would NOT be taking the head coach position and instead be staying with the Patriots.

(Well, good. We didn't want you anyway.)

But what happened in those 12 hours to make McDaniels change his mind?

Money. Money happened.

Apparently he was on the fence about taking the job in the first place, but was still in negotiations with the Colts, even though he hadn't signed a contract yet.

So the Patriots sweetened the deal and wrote him a new contract with a higher salary, and he made up his mind pretty quick after that.

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