There is a new show on Spike TV called Coal. If you haven't seen it, cameras go in to the mines with miners to detail what they face working far below ground. The company that owns the mine, must have thought that no one would watch.

Cobalt Coal owns the mine where the show is being filmed. According to, Cobalt Coal  was recently cited by the state of West Virginia for activities shown on the show that endangered miners.

For instance, in the debut episode a worker used a 12-inch pick to pull down loose roof rock. According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration, that pick is too small for the job.

The show also featured a continuous-mining machine that was still running even though it wasn't cutting coal, while an employee walked nearby.

But anyone can make mistakes, with the added stress placed on workers in extreme conditions. In fact, the owner of Cobalt Coal is looking at the positives.

Mike Crowder says the footage can help miners who watch the show, by educating them on the right and wrong way to do things.

Anyone out there work in a mine, or have friends and family that do? Do you plan on checking out Coal on Spike?

Preview What Happens This Season On Coal
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