For most of us (myself included), the first reaction we have to seeing a snake in our personal space is to freak out and run away, especially if it's a big snake. Who am I kidding - they all seem like anacondas to me. Truth be told, when it comes to snakes in Indiana, bigger doesn't necessarily mean badder or more dangerous, In fact, Indiana's largest snake is not harmful to humans at all.

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What is the Biggest Snake in Indiana?

According to, the largest snake in the Hoosier state is Pantherophis alleghaniensis - since you probably don't speak Latin, you might be familiar with its more common name, the Eastern Ratsnake. These reptiles, also known as Black Ratsnakes can grow as large as 7 feet long. Ratsnakes often live in heavily wooded areas, often near residential areas, but don't call your realtor just yet, ratsnakes are not a bad thing to have in the neighborhood.

Like a Good Neighbor, Ratsnakes are There

Despite their size and intimidating look, ratsnakes are NOT a threat to humans - the same can not be said for the furry little critters that like to invade your house. As their name suggests, ratsnakes enjoy dining on rodents, which is good news for you and me. If rodents are around, the ratsnakes are gonna eat 'em up, and if there aren't any rodents around, the ratsnakes will just move on down the road to the next town - sounds like a win-win for us humans.

What Snakes Should I Be Scared Of?

There are 32 species of snakes in Indiana, the majority of those are harmless to us. Species like the ratsnake, gartersnake, and watersnake are the most common, but there are a handful of snake species that you should be aware of. Here's what you need to know about the Four Venomous Snakes in Indiana.

Snakes in Kentucky

When you check out the guide, you'll learn--if you didn't already know--that there are only four venomous snakes indigenous to Kentucky and an ENORMOUS number of non-poisonous ones.

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