New Albany Indiana is now home to Recbar 812, and this place is not short on 1980's & 1990's nostalgia.

A friend of mine had the chance to check out Recbar 812 this weekend, and as soon as I saw his photos I was like "I HAVE to check this place out!"  But since I haven't had the chance to make it in yet, Matthew said it's huge, has a lot of games, and is well worth the short drive to New Albany. He said they also have a giant Blockbuster sign at the entrance so from  the moment you walk in it's pure nostalgia.

Photo by Matthew Powers
Photo by Matthew Powers

When I checked out their website it seems they not only have plenty of nostalgic arcade games and pinballs (over 100 ready to play), they also have over 20 beers on tap, and serve up food too. They're all ages until 10PM as well, which is awesome if you want to take the kids to do something fun.



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