Two of my favorite things in life are horror movies and rescue animals, two sisters decided to mash those two things up and come up with Texas ChainPaw Massacre, and it's the best thing ever.

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Texas ChainPaw Massacre is on both Twitter and Instagram, and they scour the web for rescue animals that look like pets from our favorite horror movies.  Although many of the animals in horror movies we love (not all of them, but many) are possessed or creepy, the pets Texas ChainPaw Massacre are far from that.  The pets they share are normal, good pets waiting for their forever home.  They just happen to look like famous pets from horror movies.

For instance, remember Louie from the movie Ma?  He has a look-alike and his name is Roscoe. Or do you remember the dog Lester from the movie Halloween?  He's the dog that tries to warn Annie and Lindsey that Michael is near. He has a look-alike named Ambrose. You could probably even find a look-alike of the cat from Pet Sematary!

I really love what Texas ChainPaw Massacre is doing. They're scouring the internet to find fun ways to get animals adopted, but putting a fun twist on your typical adoption finder.  I'm all for raising awareness about the importance of adopting your next pet, and any way to get the word out there I'm good with it! Even if you aren't looking to adopt a dog or cat right now, the account itself is fun to follow, and it's a fun and easy way to support Texas ChainPaw Massacre in their efforts to find these animals their forever homes.

If you want to stay up to date with Texas ChainPaw Massacre, you can follow them on Twitter, and Instagram.


(H/T: Bloody Disgusting)

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