When it comes to things that scare people, I find that my fears are usually very strange and unusual. I fear things that others would find kind of silly like not having a way out of a situation I want to get out of, and wide-open spaces. Like art, fear is very subjective. We all see things differently, therefore we fear different things.

My sister is very afraid of clowns, Travis is extremely afraid of snakes, and I have another family member who fears mice. When I came across the story of a mice plague happening in Australia, I thought of her. As I read the article, I began to become afraid too.

According to CNN, 2020 brought twice the amount of rain to New South Wales, Australia. This lead to an abundance of bumper crops, which lead to more mice. In fact, officials are calling it a plague. Wonder what a plague of mice looks like, watch this video that a local farmer took in his barn.

I admit, I DO get a little freaked out when I see one mouse scurry across the floor, but thousands, even millions, make me hyperventilate. It's like something out of a nightmare.

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Can you imagine suffering from murophobia, the fear of mice and rats, and living in New South Wales right now?

The phobia, as an unreasonable and disproportionate fear, is distinct from reasonable concern about rats and mice contaminating food supplies, which may potentially be universal to all times, places, and cultures where stored grain attracts rodents, which then consume or contaminate the food supply.  - Wikipedia

All that this phobia entails is happening in Australia. It's an irrational fear suddenly becoming rational. CRAZY!!




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