There is one rule I always follow when I deal with social media, don't post anything you wouldn't want on a billboard in the middle of town. One teenager in Australia could probably have used that advice. 

One 17-year-old was helping her grandmother count some cash she had stashed away. Apparently it was a large sum, and she felt like taking a picture of the cash and posting it on her Facebook account.

Now you probably know where the story goes from here. While she was away helping granny count cash, her family became victims of a home invasion seven hours later.

Her mom, dad, and little brother were held by assailants who wanted to speak with the girl. Carrying a knife and wooden club (guns are illegal in the land down under), the robbers searched the home and walked away with a little bit of cash and some personal items.

No one was injured, and the men are still on the loose. So let it be a lesson, don't flash your cash like a rapper on Facebook unless you want to be faced down by The Humungus. Either that or a dingo could take your baby.