Campers at Jenks Lake in California's San Bernardino National Forest got an unexpected visitor over the weekend when a bear sauntered into camp and stole a backpack containing an iPad. Not that we blame him, of course. Those things are expensive!

Jesse Dinkel, a 44-year-old theater producer, caught the bear on film as it returned to the camp for a second time and swiped a Tupperware container full of food. The bear had already snagged a backpack containing an iPad and granola bar 15 minutes before.

Dinkel followed the bear after it left camp and recovered the container, but the iPad, alas, was nowhere to be found. "The Tupperware did get recovered just down the hill a ways," said Dinkel. "But who knows what happened to the backpack. Those bears are really fast and he just took off."

Maybe the bear just needed to check his email?

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