Sure, Elisabeth Moss was great in her dramatic role as 'Peggy Olson' in the AMC hit show Mad Men. But can she keep the audience captivated by while playing seven different characters (and counting) at the same time, on the same show? Tatiana Maslany can.

The show Orphan Black premiered this past spring on BBC America to rave reviews and had audiences captivated by the first episode. Orphan Black is about a woman, Sarah Manning (Maslany), who witnesses the suicide of Beth Childs (also Maslany), a woman that looks exactly like her. Questions arise and Sarah is determined to find out who this woman is and why she looks exactly like her. To her shock and amazement, Sarah finds out that she is a genetic experiment, a clone, and someone is trying to kill them off. Now, she must team up with fellow clones Alison Hendrix (again, Maslany) the housewife/soccer mom, and Cosmia Niehaus (guess who?) the PhD scholar studying Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

Throughout the show you meet other clones like 'the German' Katja Obinger (Maslany), crazy Helena (still Maslany), and 'pro clone' Rachel Duncan (do I really have to keep telling you?). And on occasion the clones have to pretend to be each other in certain sticky situations, like Sarah as Beth, Alison as Sarah, Sarah as Katja, Helena as Sarah, and (my personal favorite), Helena as Sarah as Beth.

Meet the Clones:

As complicated as that all sounds, Tatiana Maslany pulls it all off flawlessly. There are some points during the show where you have to stop and remind yourself "Holy crap...this is all being acted by ONE person." Maslany's stellar performance gets you to believe that she is actually several different people, when in fact, she's just THAT GOOD. Which is why I was shocked and a little bit angry that she didn't get an Emmy nomination this year for her amazing performance(s). I feel like Maslany, if nominated, would have blown any other contenders out of the water.

To prove my point, here's what an average scene from 'Orphan Black' consists of:

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