Its happening again. Summer is here and I'm going to have to get used to more of my friends having wives. 

With another wedding season upon us, some of us may be asked to participate in a friend's wedding. While the ladies are carefully considering the pros and cons of the women they select to be bridesmaids, guys will choose their least obnoxious drinking buddies to be groomsmen.

According to a recent survey, some people are having to turn down being in a wedding party on financial grounds. While the groomsmen forked over an average of $155, and bridesmaids spent $137, some people are breaking the bank.

Of those surveyed, 5% said they went in to debt in order to be in a friend's wedding. A quarter of those surveyed also said they avoided a wedding altogether due to the costs. That might make you think twice before putting that super expensive George Foreman Grill on your registry.