Restaurants in Indiana have been open to indoor dining at 50% capacity since May 11, 2020. This is a step in the right direction, but some customers still aren't comfortable eating in public right now. Some cities have loosened restrictions so that restaurants can expand outside seating. In some cases, this means utilizing sidewalk and street space.

The Reopen Evansville Task Force listened to feedback from local restaurant owners, and now there there is a new temporary permit process.

  • No application or permit fees will be charged for review or approval
  • Enables restaurant operators to expand their outdoor dining areas onto existing property and public rights-of-way
  • Must receive approval of the
  • The temporary program ends after July 3, and is subject to change in the event additional protections and guidelines are put in place
  • Fees otherwise charged for encroachment permits or review are not waived by the program
 We asked the question on Facebook and here's what our listeners had to say:

 "Absolutely! This is a win-win for our economy. The restaurants get their business and it decreases our wear and tear on the roads that our tax payer dollars are paid for which could definitely go somewhere else right now. As long as there is still parking available." ~ Sarah Lawrence

"Yes! Expanding seating in parking lots and side walks is money in the pocket for our restaurant owners. Valuable and profitable space. Go for it. Build it and they will come!" ~ Karen Chapple Stevens 

 "Like on Franklin Street shut it down like they do for the Fall Festival." ~ Ronda LaFontaine

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