Although 'Taken 2' didn't live up to the glorious, trashy heights of the first film, its absurd box office meant that a 'Taken 3' was inevitable. Now, the gears are officially in motion. A director is attached, Liam Neeson is returning and Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker is reportedly being sought for a mysterious role.

The first 'Taken' saw Neeson's badass agent of destruction trek across the world to rescue his kidnapped daughter, killing half of Europe in the process. The sequel saw him forced to rescue his family from the vengeful friends and family of everyone he killed in the first film, which led to Neeson killing the other half of Europe. We have no idea who Whitaker will be playing, but we imagine he'll be a villain simply because he's an American and there aren't any Europeans left to kill in the world of this movie. Sure, he could be playing an ally of Neeson's dully-named Bryan Mills, but why would Hollywood deny us a showdown between these two?

While Whitaker's potential casting, as reported by Deadline, is the biggest piece of news, the also reports that 'Taken 2' director Olivier Megaton will be back for Part Three (which doesn't bode well). In addition, Neeson will be back -- but he took some coaxing with a $20 million check -- along with Maggie Grace as the daughter, but the latter is not surprising. Someone has to get kidnapped and it might as well be her again.

'Taken 3' doesn't have a release date yet, but it'll probably make bank whenever they put it out.

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