There's an underground limestone mine in Kentucky that you can take a boat, kayak, or paddleboard tour in, and now you can float atop a clear kayak.

The Gorge Underground is an abandoned limestone mine that is naturally filled by an underground spring that waterfalls into the mine from several locations. Located in Rogers, Kentucky, guests can take  a 1 hour guided kayak, stand up paddle board or cave boat tour throughout this amazing mine. We've covered how cool this place is in the past, but they are now offering something even cooler for your next adventure.


SUP Kentucky is a traveling adventure company hosts these underground cavern tours at The Gorge Underground. Now, they are offering clear kayak tours. This is a pretty unique experience where you'll feel like you're floating right in the water and you'll see everything underneath you. During this tour, you can choose from a single or tandem kayak (in case you want to share that experience with someone). They'll provide you with all of the equipment that you need. All you have to do is book your tour and show up.

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You'll spend the tour exploring the mine, with head lamps so that you can see where you're can get a little dark in there. Plus the guide will use spotlights to show off features of the cave. Each tour lasts for about an hour. You will want to have a jacket or sweatshirt because it is only about 52 degrees in the mine. Don't want to be freezing the whole time.

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There's not too many places see you can see rainbow trout swimming in a cave or an underground waterfall illuminated by your head lamp...and if you're in the clear kayak, you'll see them and other fish swimming underneath you as you paddle along!

Take a look below at what you can expect when you visit The Gorge Underground:

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