Woman Lets Her Boyfriend Tattoo His Name On Her Face
"The person with a full facial tattoo makes well thought out decisions," said no one ever. Now I know I may catch some flak about that statement, but the following story doesn't help the opposition.
The short story goes like this. Girl meets boy online, then in person...
Woman Arrested For Making Nephew Ride In Trunk
One Minnesota woman is going for the "Douchebag Aunt Of The Year" award after making her 11-year-old nephew ride in the trunk of her Lexus. She was worried about the child dripping water on her leather seats.
Listen To The Worst Song Ever Recorded
Its not too often that I will encourage to move on to another post. But if you're willing to brave it, this is the worst song that has ever been recorded in the history of mankind.
Cable TV Exposes The Worst Christmas Gift This Season
There are people who have to spend their entire day in a jumpsuit. They are usually janitors, cash counters at a casino, or prisoners. I don't fall in to any of these categories. So no one better get me the 'Forever Lazy' for Christmas.
Government Gets One Right!
Currently congress has a 15% approval rating. With the government, it seems they can't get anything done, or get anything right. So its refreshing to see when they finally hit something on the head. And this week, it happened in New Jersey.
Steven Seagal, Yep He’s Still Around
A few years ago, when Chuck Norris jokes littered the internet, I was confused as to how that fad had skipped over another American legend. Steven Seagal has been giving me the creeps well before I had any idea who Gary Busey was. To this day, I sometimes fear that Steven Seagal is hiding in my room…
2 Girls 1 Pizza
There seems to be a world record for everything. The record being broken in this video, the most amount of times you can slap someone with a slice of pizza in 15 seconds.
What You’re Missing On TV
So last night was the season premiere of My Strange Addiction on TLC. Last season brought us people who eat toilet paper, like to dress in animal costumes, and eat couch cushions. Based on last night's episode, this season won't disappoint.

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