Steven Seagal, Yep He’s Still Around
A few years ago, when Chuck Norris jokes littered the internet, I was confused as to how that fad had skipped over another American legend. Steven Seagal has been giving me the creeps well before I had any idea who Gary Busey was. To this day, I sometimes fear that Steven Seagal is hiding in my room…
2 Girls 1 Pizza
There seems to be a world record for everything. The record being broken in this video, the most amount of times you can slap someone with a slice of pizza in 15 seconds.
What You’re Missing On TV
So last night was the season premiere of My Strange Addiction on TLC. Last season brought us people who eat toilet paper, like to dress in animal costumes, and eat couch cushions. Based on last night's episode, this season won't disappoint.
The Things That Make You Go, HUH?!?
Its simple, I have a love/hate relationship with Vectren. In case you are from points south or west, Vectren is the energy provider for Evansville. I love Vectren when they provide power to my home, but hate the fact they have to bill me for it. And now, they're adding services I'm not sur…
Dog Unknowingly Runs Marathon
With his owner completely unaware, Dozer the dog ran 7 miles in a marathon. He even managed to hit all the water stops as well. And your latest feat of strength was moving a recliner?
That Was A Bright Idea (/end sarcasm)
I have to admit, coming up with new ideas for posts on here can be draining after awhile. Choosing subject matter that will appeal to you, can be tremendous task. Cause we all know I'd like to post a picture of some hot chick and be done with it. Never has an idea like this, crossed m…
Parents of the Year
Five months in and the voting is over. I have the winners of the coveted 'T Rav's Parent of the Year" award for 2011. It goes to the parents who decide to record this Youtube Video.
More WTF From Japan
I think I'm always good for that post on here that just creeps you out. The kind that makes you wake up in the middle of the night. And today, I'm not going to disappoint. Japan is developing the kissing machine.