Scary Korean Webcomic Newest Web Scare
So I'm on Reddit's comment sections and people were talking about scare videos you can use to freak people out and someone references this Korean comic (click the link that says comic). Make sure you have the sound on when you watch it, I have to admit it creeped me out in a fully lit studio, and th…
Woman Arrested For Making Nephew Ride In Trunk
One Minnesota woman is going for the "Douchebag Aunt Of The Year" award after making her 11-year-old nephew ride in the trunk of her Lexus. She was worried about the child dripping water on her leather seats.
Get Naked, Get Free Groceries!
Leave it to the Germans to create a completely off the wall promotion. One supermarket in the country allowed shoppers to fill up their cart and walk away with free groceries. The fine print: You had to be naked.
Listen To The Worst Song Ever Recorded
Its not too often that I will encourage to move on to another post. But if you're willing to brave it, this is the worst song that has ever been recorded in the history of mankind.
Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Child Like A Bird
You might remember Alicia Silverstone from several things in the 90s. The things that standout are her roles in Clueless, Batman And Robin, and a few Aerosmith videos. Now in 2012 you'll remember her as a human bird.
That Doesn’t Belong There
We've heard the rumors. People have gotten some strange things stuck in places they don't belong. We all saw what Ryan Dunn did with that Hot Wheel car in the Jackass movie. And now three doctors have gotten together to tell their story.

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