The ‘Transporter’ TV Series Racing to TNT in Fall 2014
Some time ago we'd heard that the TV series based on Jason Statham's iconic 'Transporter' franchise had produced an entire season, though Cinemax ultimately opted against bringing the show to American TV. Now, not only has 'Transporter The Series' been greenlit for a second season, we have an American premiere date for Frank Martin's continued adventures on TNT!
‘Falling Skies’ Season 4: Will Robert Sean Leonard or Gloria Reuben Return?
'Falling Skies' has delivered some impressive season 4 content in the past few weeks, including that casting announcement of Mira Sorvino atop the full-length trailer from New York Comic-Con, though a few questions remain unanswered. Now that the main characters are out on the road and increasingly divided, what will become of season 3 guest stars Robert Sean Leonard or Noah Wyle's former 'ER' co-
‘Falling Skies’ Season 4: TNT Expands Episode Order
'Falling Skies' had itself a banner weekend recently, going into Comic-Con 2013 already assured of a fourth season on TNT, and airing one of its more unique and better-received episodes of the series in "Strange Brew." That good fortune continues today, as we've learned that TNT intends to expand the 'Falling Skies' season 4 episode order, up from 10 episodes!
‘Falling Skies’ “Search and Recover” Clip: Tom and Pope Battle It Out
This past Sunday's all-new 'Falling Skies' may have ended on a rather explosive cliffhanger, but you didn't think Tom Mason and John Pope were gone for good, did you? The pair will team up in tonight's "Search and Recover" to make it back to Charleston, but can they avoid strangling one another along the way? The outlook's not good in the latest clip from the episode!
Epic ‘Falling Skies’ Season 3 Trailer: Aliens on Horseback, ‘Battlestar’s Michael Hogan and More!
We were already pretty pumped for 'Falling Skies' third season, which is set to premiere with a two-hour installment on Sunday June 9, but the latest trailer really is out of this world. The new full-length preview for the TNT alien actioner produced by Steven Spielberg brings with it a more epic scope than anything seen on the series to date, along with new guest stars and our best look yet at th

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