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Seth Rollins Holds WWE RAW Hostage... With a Steel Chair
Last night was WWE's final Monday Night RAW before their first ever Stomping Grounds Pay-Per-View.  They actually got a fair amount accomplished, too!  We'll talk about Seth Rollins waging war on everyone even considering being named Baron Corbin's special guest referee, Roman Reigns sending a messa…
Brock Lesnar DESTROYS Seth Rollins With a Chair on WWE RAW
Last night was WWE's final Monday Night RAW before journeying once again to Saudi Arabia.  I wasn't able to watch last night, so Jerry will bring me up to speed for a show that featured The Undertaker returning to threaten GOLDBERG, Vince McMahon (kind of) appearing on Bray Wyatt's "Firefly Fun…
WWE Money in the Bank Predictions
The high-flying, hard-hitting train-wreck often winds up being one of the better shows of the year with ripple effects being felt throughout the industry for years to come!

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