The Lone Ranger

Disney to End First-Look Deal With Jerry Bruckheimer; Was ‘The Lone Ranger’ Really That Bad?
Disney has announced that its first-look deal with Jerry Bruckheimer, who's produced such Disney staples as the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'National Treasure' movies, will end when the current contract expires next year. This follows the studio's biggest flop in recent memory, 'The Lone Ranger,' which was projected to lose millions, but Disney assures everyone this decision has nothing to do w
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Despicable Me 2′ Rides Over ‘The Lone Ranger’
Which would you expect to win the Fourth of July weekend: the Disney-produced, Johnny Depp-starring revival of an iconic American hero or the sequel to a French-made, Steve Carell-starring animated movie about a lovable supervillain? Well, it looks like American audiences simply aren't interested in westerns, even the uber-expensive ones starring Captain Jack Sparrow with a bird on his head. 'Desp
‘The Lone Ranger’ TV Spot Gets You Prepared for the Fourth of July
Disney has released a new TV spot for 'The Lone Ranger,' in keeping with the film's July 3 release date. But there isn't much -- if any -- new footage to be seen in this commercial. We get a peek at the familiar train sequence again, which seems like a big selling point for the studio -- understandably so, since director Gore Verbinski likely spent a ton of money to execute it...
The 6 Superhero Movies You Must See This Summer
Iron Man 3 came out yesterday and if you went to see it, you know it was awesome. But once that Iron Man euphoria wears off you’re left with that question of “Well…what’s next?” That’s where I come in. I’ve got the list of all the upcoming superhero movies that you need to know about this summer...