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Peyton Manning Shares Sweet Moment With Media Member
As reporters fought their way up to Peyton Manning's booth to yell out questions at the Denver Broncos quarterback during Tuesday's Super Bowl media day, one member of the media, admittedly a huge Manning fan, caught his attention quickly when she put in a request...
Billy Eichner At The Super Bowl
If you are not familiar, Billy Eichner is an up and coming comedian with a show on Fuse called Billy On The Street. It is an ambush style game show where Billy, loudly, asks the unsuspecting contestants questions for prizes that are typically miniscule.
‘The Avengers’ Movie Trailer
It's new and premiered last night during that football game that the Giants won.  Although I am woefully behind on watching the individual superhero movies (I haven't even seen the Iron Man movies), I am looking forward to this flick.
The Types Of People At a Super Bowl Party
I don't know what your plans are for 'Super Sunday' but if you are going/hosting a party, expect a collection of folks like this.
I'm sure that you can identify with at least one of these people.  I hope it's not the one that thinks there is "intermission&qu…
Another Super Bowl Commerical Has Been Leaked
I guess you are going to have to watch on Sunday for the game itself instead of those clever commercials. I'm not sure why but ad agencies are hellbent on giving away the surprise for free on the internet, as evidenced by (most recently) the Ferris Bueller ad that I posted about right here.
This one…

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